01 Feb 2019

Every year at about this time, our team at Fayetteville Granite starts to get calls and visits from homeowners who are looking to do some type of kitchen remodeling project. While we get excited about doing what we love, and look forward to helping homeowners achieve the kitchen space they long for, we try to warn them of some common kitchen remodeling mistakes that we have seen happen way too often in the past. If you are considering your own kitchen remodeling project, consider these words of advice and then give Fayetteville Granite a call to get started.

Have a vision. Too many eager homeowners have started their kitchen remodel without fully fleshing out their vision. Don’t just consider what new appliances you would like, or paint color. Go beyond the type of countertops or cabinets you want. Think bigger than a new floor. Envision the way you want your kitchen to flow. Stand in your current kitchen space and write down what you like and what you would like to see different. Putting your plan into action will be a lot simpler the more detailed you are about what you want from the very beginning.

Have a budget. Have a realistic budget from the start. Do some research to get an idea of what your kitchen renovations will cost on average and then plan for some wiggle room within that budget. Trust us, this is important.

Have an open mind. You know what you want, and we want to see you get exactly that. We cannot tell you how often we have customers come in with a specific vision and leave with an even better plan because they were open to new ideas or suggestions. They think they want a certain cabinet style but then come in and see one they like better. A professional can introduce you to affordable, stylish options that you may not have even thought of.

At Fayetteville Granite, we work for our clients. If you are thinking about starting your own kitchen remodeling project, give our professionals a call at (910) 483-0468 or come in to see us at our Raeford Road location in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

01 Feb 2019

At Creative Stone, our team of countertop professionals has seen it all. We have installed many different types of countertops for homeowners and home builders over the years, which means we have also taken out lots of old countertops too. The choices that homeowners and home builders have these days for countertops is almost endless. While many countertop options are highly durable and made to last a very long time, damage can still occur. Like most things, the more expensive the countertops are, the higher quality there are and the less damage you are likely to see. However, regardless of the price of the countertops, damage repair is usually possible.

Countertops can be susceptible to scratches. While specialty pens can repair laminate countertops that are scratched, the process for repairing scratches on, say, a granite countertop is more complicated that that. The repair would include several steps, but it can be done!

When it comes to damage done to countertops because of heat from pans or other sources, methods of repair vary but are fairly easy to do yourself with some unconventional materials that you already probably have. For laminate countertops, use toothpaste. For porcelain countertops, use baking soda and water, and for steel countertops, use club soda. Of course, any countertop damage from heat can be prevented altogether by using insulated towels, pot holders, or trivets to set hot dishes on.

One common mistake that homeowners do is use harsh cleaners to clean their countertops. If you want to extend the life of your countertops, warm soapy water is your best option. Far too many granite countertop owners have found this out the hard way. Harsh chemicals on your countertops can damage them, and pretty much the only way to repair the damage is to have a professional buff and polish them again for you.

If you find that there are water stains on your countertops, they can be repaired many times by taking a gentle cleaner and something with bristles, like a toothbrush, and brushing the surface in circular motions. For stubborn water stains on granite countertops, you can purchase a special pumice stone for that purpose. The best practice is to always clean up water or liquid stains as soon as you can.

01 Feb 2019

As a homeowner, you do whatever you can to protect the investment that you have in your home. One of the key components to any home is the flooring. Whether you have hardwood flooring, carpet, tile or laminate flooring, you want to to take care of it as best as you can so that it will last for a long time. Unfortunately, very few parts to a home take a beating more than your flooring. Laminate flooring tends to be a cheaper flooring option than some of the others, and it can be more vulnerable to damage also. The team at Magnus Anderson is here to help you with your laminate flooring issues.

Common issues that happen with laminate flooring can include warping, chipping, mold, mildew, and scratches. Scratches have the potential to be an easy fix. You can buy a laminate flooring repair kit at many home improvement stores, and remedy that issue pretty quickly using wax crayons or putty. However, because homeowners tend to put laminate flooring in rooms of the home where easy floor cleanup is a must, like kitchens and bathrooms, many of the common problems that arise are a direct result of contact with water.

The majority of laminate flooring buckling or warping happens because of water damage. It is imperative that when water or other liquids spill onto your laminate flooring that you clean it up immediately. We cannot stress that enough. Many times, mold and mildew can inhabit a bathroom floor after a long period of time because of water falling out from the bath or shower, and people not drying the floor immediately. Unfortunately, while it is possible to save laminate flooring in that situation, it is a complicated process and not cheap to do. Most homeowners will choose to replace the damaged laminate flooring in that case.

Magnus Anderson specializes in flooring options. If you have laminate flooring that you want to replace, our knowledgeable team is ready to help you choose the perfect flooring option for you. Come visit us in our Fayetteville, North Carolina showroom, or give us a call today at (910) 483-0468.