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Well look no further than Creative Stone! At Creative Stone we have a diverse collection of decorative hand-made cabinets in all styles and colors. If there is any type of design that you need to fulfill your homeowner’s dream, we can provide it!  Whether your homeowner wants their cabinets to blend in or to pop out with an animated color, our gorgeous cabinets will catch the eye of many. Homeowners trust you to build their home, now trust us to help. Amaze your clients with the wide selection of cabinet styles that Creative Stone has to offer. Why deal with a business that you cannot trust? Our team respects you and your business and wants to make sure that you complete the job well. You build for them, we build for you!


At Creative Stone it is our goal to save you time and more importantly money. We like to save you time by providing you with a showroom that has a display of some of our most popular cabinets along with on-site staff that can talk to you about upcoming project. Our highly trained experts can give you advice on what type of cabinet or vanity that will suite your homeowner’s needs the best in their kitchen or bathroom. We’ll help you cut out the time and effort of you as a contractor trying to find the right cabinet for your homeowner, giving you more energy to invest in building their home. We can save money by providing brand name cabinets at an affordable cost. Our company provides you with the known and trusted brands of Marsh Furniture, Procraft and Kitchen Cabinet Distributors without hurting your budget.

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