16 Dec 2016

Magnus Anderson of Fayetteville, NC specializes in many flooring options including luxurious carpet flooring. We proudly provide service to not only Fayetteville, but also nearby cities such as Pinehurst, Lumberton, Raleigh, and Wilmington. We can come to you! Deciding whether or not to choose carpet over hardwood floor can be as simple as choosing what you want to put your feet down on every morning when you wake up. Do you want your feet to be met by the warm, soft, plushness of carpet or greeted by an ice-cold, bare, hardwood floor? The answer is clear!

Other than cold feet there are many reasons to choose carpet. Rooms with carpet are more inviting and create a soft place to sit, play, and work. Carpet also comes in many colors, patterns, and textures. The possibilities of carpet color and design are endless and can add that one of a kind look you need for your room. Carpet also provides a wide array of color options,  making easy to choose that specific color you’ve been searching for!

A little-known fact about carpet is that it helps you breathe better. The carpet fibers trap and immobilize potentially harmful particles that can be airborne and cause you to become sick. It’s no secret that humans are clumsy and we fall, along with our breakable valuables. Carpet softens your fall and saves you from potential injury. When valuables fall and hit carpet they are more likely to survive the fall then if it had fallen on a hardwood floor.

No one likes listening to stomping feet from the room over their head. Having carpet reduces the noise that carries through walls and floors that can be annoying.

Hardwood flooring definitely has its perks, but it is safe to say carpet has a lot of other perks that allow it to hold its own in the flooring world. If you are contemplating carpet flooring, Magnus Anderson serves the Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Lumberton, and surrounding areas of NC. We can guide you through options that will be the best fit for you. Call and schedule your free Magnus Anderson flooring consultation today!