21 Dec 2017

Whether you are a home builder or a homeowner looking to do some kitchen renovations, the success of your project is determined by your happiness with the finished product. Anyone who has ever taken on a sizable kitchen renovation can tell you that from start to finish, every step of the project played a part in its success, and that the very best piece of advice they can give you is to not cut corners in your planning. Before you ever tear down a cabinet or chose a backsplash pattern, it is important that you map out every detail of your kitchen renovation so that you are not surprised by anything once you start the project.

Plan the layout of your kitchen space thoughtfully, being sure to take into account such things as the location of the dishwasher in relation to the storage of the dishes for easy unloading, the placement of electrical outlets, or creating enough space for walkways around an island. Consider the perfect height for counters. Be sure to design your space so that doors to kitchen appliances and cabinets can open freely. Consider using a lighter color palette in smaller kitchen spaces. Darker colors will make the space seem smaller. Keep your budget in mind during the entirety of your kitchen renovations. You might be surprised by how quickly little changes in a design can add up. Consider high quality cabinets and granite, marble, or quartz countertops for easy clean up and care. Do your research.

Creative Stone specializes in helping home builders and homeowners create kitchen spaces that they will be happy with. We provide expert advice in planning kitchen renovations, as well as securing the perfect materials to turn your kitchen renovation vision into a reality. We will install your cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Are you considering a kitchen renovation? Give us a call today at (910) 491-1225 or stop by and see us in our Fayetteville, North Carolina showroom Monday through Fridays from 8am to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Our renovation experts would love to talk to you about your kitchen renovation project!